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For all stages of product development and all types of organisations

Whether large scale digital transformation implementations or entrepreneurs building MVPs, Solidis can help to ensure your requirements are met and funds are safe.


The enterprise outsourcing market outsourcing market according to Gartner is worth: $106 billion.

Utilise blockchain technology to make outsourcing more efficient using smart contracts and validators.

Outsourcing abroad has it's logistical challenges especially online, Solidis can remove those pain points by creating smart contracts which remove those barriers and create custom agreements to your scenario. 


Got a developer who can build your MVP?  This could be a intimidating process for many, especially with non technical founders and with limited cash flow in the early stages, a development partner decision will have a huge impact on whether a startup is successful or not. 

Solidis will help to ensure that requirements are met and progress is monitored by professional validators for clients and developers.

Development Houses

Studio Portrait

As a Development House, anything that makes customers feel more secure and also your organisation that you will remunerated for work that has been done brings peace of mind.

In many cases, clients and development houses fall out due to disputes in requirements and lack of technical understanding on the client side. Expert validators and arbiters can step in to resolve disputes evaluating the work completed with requirements recorded on the blockchain. 


Working on a project as a freelance developer? To ensure you get renumerated as agreed by your client, create a smart contract and hold funds in escrow. 

This way you can ensure that the client:

- Has the funds to pay 

- Will not take the codebase and not pay

- Dispute about initial requirements

Ready to build your project?

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