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Help organisations manage software outsourcing more efficiently 

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Start working with different software development solutions from freelancers to software development houses and create smart agreements to ensure deliverables are met and funds are protected.

Escrow Service

Pay in crypto currency (ETH) from your MetaMask wallet and hold funds in your smart contract. 

Fiat currency will be converted to USDC and held in the smart contract.

Add validators

Choose between internal and external validators.

Internal validators can be anyone from your team or an expert you know who you want overlooking the project.

External validators can be from third party integrations which can be added on your project where QA engineers can be added to create tests.

Source developers or add your own

Source your own developers and create smart agreements whether internal team members, remote workers or external outsource development houses.

On the Solidis Forum, tasks can be added for the development community to complete and the agreement can be automated and executed once tasks have passed the tests.

Travis CI & Github

Integrations with Github and Travis CI enable organisations to create private repositories with test and dependencies required for the developer to meet the requirements without sharing your complete code base. Using Travis CI, these test are run to on an instance with the results sent to the smart contract to execute.

Ready to start your project?

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