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Onboard to Solidis for secure employment opportunities 

Earn from online remote development opportunities as well as joining a community of mentors and junior developers engaging in peer to peer learning.

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Software Developer

Onboard as a software developer OR a software development agency, build your profile and portfolio. 

Complete your tasks, build rating. Feel secure that your funds are in escrow and in case of a dispute, experienced developers will review your work and come to a fair decision, eliminating tedious back and forth with clients.

QA engineer

Onboard as a QA engineer to test for clients to outsource to developers.

Keep clients and developers at ease knowing you will utilise your expertise to create extensive tests with high code coverage to ensure clients get what they asked for and developers get paid for their skills.


As a mentor, it's a great responsibility to mentor junior developers and prepare them for remote fractional employment. There is a generation of young self taught talent from around the world who have great skills but are rough around the edges.

Hone their skill set and get them ready to presentable to clients and improve on a journey with you!

Build your rating, grow the community

Invite your fellow skilled developers and build your rating based on their performance. For example, if you developer you've invited onto the platform get top ratings from clients, it will also increase your rating for identifying good talent which will increase your rating and visibility.

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