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Test Driven Outsourcing

Create smart outsourcing agreements based on deliverables passing different types of tests, with funds stored in escrow until deliverables have been approved.

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Write requirements as tests BEFORE development

Outsource small tasks or large feature sets. Utilise Test Driven Development (TDD) techniques to create individual tests for each task that you want completed. Tests are stored in a repository shared to the Solidis smart contract to run.

Type of tests can include: 

- Unit tests

- Integration Tests

- Regression Tests

- Security Tests

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Dashboard overview

Dashboard overview gives you a snapshot of all open tasks, milestone status on whether passed / failed or in development. 

Hold funds in escrow  passes the tests

Invite the developer you want to work with and add the agreed funds for the task. Until the code has passed the tests, the funds are stored funds in escrow, which are then automatically released using a smart contract when the tests have been passed running on Travis CI. 

Pay in fiat or crypto currency, ensuring that your deliverables match your requirements.

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Utilise the growing fractionalised, remote outcome based developer workforce

All over the world, the freelance workforce has been increasing with the number of professional software developers who conduct freelancing doubling since the pandemic. 

How Do We Make Your Team Life Easier? 

Task based, outcome based deliverables

Streamlined managing contracts and payments

Reduce ambiguity in requirements working with offshore providers

Keep your core team lean and outsource more specialized 


Govern a Trustless System 

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